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Under This Love Sky

Published February 7, 2012 by atirahjewel

My love,

My everything,

I know you are out there somewhere,

Though we may be oceans away,

We live under the same sky,

Whether it is day or night where you are,

It is still the same  sky,

When I look up to the stars at night,

I know you are looking up at the clouds,

Under this koizora,

We will find each other,

We will feel each other,

I have never met you,

But you still will have my heart,

It is already in your possession,

The sky sets with me,

And with you it rises,

We gaze at it,


The colors of our love imprinted in my mind,

And I know,

Under this koizora,

We will love each other.

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Atirah Jewel