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True Love

Published February 10, 2012 by atirahjewel

Everyone is always looking for true love,

Most people go their whole life without finding it,

What they call true love,

But if they paid any attention,

And looked into themselves,

They would know,

They were with their true love all of their life,

No matter how hard their life was,

If they had a tight knit family,

Or loose stitches all over,

They still had themselves,

Sometimes it doesn’t seem enough,

People always say “I hate myself”,

But they are still there for themselves,

They worked themselves through thick and thin,

Maybe with a little help,

Maybe alone,

Perhaps they did have others there,

To help them with all of their troubles,

But over all they had their own selves,

Because no matter how much they wanted to run away,

They didn’t,

They made it through,

So on their deathbed they can say they found their true love,

Because they went through it all for themselves,

Whether it was the hardest thing they ever faced,

Or the easiest,

They stayed and worked through it,

That is true love.

Copyright © 2012 by

Atirah Jewel