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And So It Ends

Published December 31, 2015 by atirahjewel

After all this time,

I’m still lamenting the absence of wings on my back.

I’m still tortured by the truth of being where I am now,

Not being where I was

Or where I’d like to be.

Though time is moving and jumping forward,

I’m still struggling with my inability to turn it backwards.

And yet, I know I can’t.

I’d dream a dream so beautiful that after all these years,

I couldn’t help but cling to it.

And now I know,

And now I’m finally realising,

I have got to give it up.

And so it ends,

And so it’s over.

This is me saying goodbye to my tragic fantasy,

And saying thank you to all of the wonder it filled me with.

I’m gone and so is she.

And I’m sorry, my love,

But she’s gone and she has to be.

My heart is breaking off into shards,

I’m drowning in this ocean of tears,

My hands are shaking in pain and fear,

I’m dying within myself,

I want to hold on,

I want to wake up to my darling dream,

But now I know,

And I now declare,

No matter how much hope and wish and try

To bring this bliss back,

It’s already dissolved into me.

And so it ends,

And so we end.

I’m sorry, my sweet love,

I’m sorry, my holy dear,

But she’s gone.

She’s gone now.

And so it ends.

The End.

Copyright © 2015
by Atirah Jewel


Alone With You

Published March 1, 2012 by atirahjewel

Alone with you,

My heart open for you to take,

Our love could never be true,

Hopeful whispers making my insides ache,

If only we could be,

Together under this sun,

If only they could see,

For me you are the only one,

We could be so good together,

Holding each other tight,

We could stay like this forever,

But we can only stay here for one night,

Our chaotic affection,

Will be the death of us,

Possessed by this infection,

This will end with broken hearts and broken trust,

So why not just leave each other alone,

Before we die instead,

No one cares anymore they are all gone,

No need to care for we are already dead.

Copyright © 2012 by

Atirah Jewel