Gargie Award

Published January 2, 2013 by atirahjewel

I am honored to have received my first award of the year 2013 by favorite fellow WordPress user and poet, Ami Fidèle, the genius behind Perplexing Thoughts, thank you very much Mr. Fidèle. Now to the rules.


1.  Display the award badge on your site.

2.  Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement

3.  Nominate some fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field or perhaps who you admire)

4.  Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award… provided you have completed step three.

Here are my nominations:

hollyanne gets poetic

Thoughts From a Jaded Heart

Have a Dream

Boomie Bol

The Oven Mitt



It may seem strange that these are not all poetry blogs, but they are all some of my favorites. They all are outstanding blogs and, if you haven’t come across them already, I strongly suggest you to check them out. Thank you again Ami, and Happy New Year to everyone.


12 comments on “Gargie Award

  • Congratulation and Happy new year.
    The first nomination on this year that accepted…. what a gift, it’s really an honor.
    Thank you so much.

    Best wishes,

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