I Inspire?

Published May 3, 2012 by atirahjewel

I got nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award by Ami Fidèle over there at Perplexing Thoughts. Thank you Ami!


1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.

Thank you very much for thinking of me and my blog Ami, I’m much obliged. I am very glad that I was nominated by Mr. Fidèle, whose blog I find equally as inspiring as he finds mine. Thank you very much.

2. Tell 7 things about you that have not come up in your blog.

#1 Since this is following the rules I guess this can be one. I have never had the ‘Rules are meant to be broken’ mentality. I may not follow all the rules, but I try. I’m more of a ‘Rules are meant to be followed’ type of person.

#2 I am an ice-cream junkie. I love ice-cream more than any other food besides pie. I guess you could just say I’m a sugar junkie, but my favorite treats are pie and/or ice-cream. My favorite flavor is (not including vanilla, it doesn’t count in my book) mint-chocolate chip. Yum!

#3 I pretty much live for music, no matter what genre, I love it all. One minute I can be listening to classical music, or more likely Baroque music, and the next I’ll be listening to artists ranging from Queen and David Bowie to Led Zepplin to Namie Amuro. I’m open-minded with music.

#4 My favorite song ever is “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen.

#5 I like my writing style much more how it is now than before, but when I read my work I think that from When I Dream of You and before it all have more of the poetry ‘feel’. I feel like everything after it, with the exception of Catching the Darkness and All My Loving, is just like poetry made up of rambling or more like really short stories. 🙂

#6 I don’t really, myself, think my poems are all that great. But for some reason, ever since I wrote it, Heart and Soul and Beyond has been my favorite by far. I don’t think it is the best poem I’ve ever written, but I do love it very much. I also think Silent Tears, Take me Higher and Under This Love Sky are pretty. 🙂

#7 I have two amazing, talented, and beautiful sisters who I love very, very much and wouldn’t trade in for all of the pie à la mode in the world.

I feel like I put too many links to my poems on here. 😦

3. Pass this on to 7 other blogs you find inspiring and explain why.

#1 God Is I Am. I don’t find time to visit here much but when I do I always enjoy what I read. A lot of it is spiritual and beautiful, I often find myself writing a few poems after reading this blog.

#2 sarahjaneprosetry. I love this blog, ‘Raw, honest, and fragile words’ as it says in the header, is what this blog really is. When I read her poems, I get a strong feeling to write myself.

#3 The Silver Poet. Her writings are always beautiful and a lot of them are very deep. One of my favorites.

#4 Mullings of Mind Tramp. I wish this blog was updated more, because when it is, the workings are always amazing. This blog makes me strive to write more beautifully.

#5 Authored Angioplasty. I just really enjoy about every piece posted on here. They make me look back at my own poems and think, ‘Why can’t I write more like that?’ Ha ha.

#6 Monya Neba. I love the short poems (sometimes long) on this blog, and the images used also. Even without the photos I would see the imagery in my own head still.

#7 ☽✵ℳ00ℕṦℌ1И3✵☾. This is one of the few (maybe not few) blogs that make me want to write myself. I love the language used on this one, and the poems are just great too. If you haven’t checked it out then I strongly suggest you to do so. For all of the blogs actually.

I always hated the ‘explain why’ in school.


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