Good-bye to You

Published April 11, 2012 by atirahjewel

What future lies ahead of us?

A miserable, unfortunate one,

All I can hope is you will hold my hand as we blindly walk into it,

And that you will wipe my tears when I fall,

But in this depressing future that I have to look forward to,

I am alone,

With no one to guide me,

Good-bye to you,

I will cry but no one will dry my tears,

I will fall but no one will help me up,

I know you will eventually have to leave me and go your own way,

But please stay with me,

At least,

For one more day,

Before I have to say,

Good-bye to you,

Before I am alone, screaming where I will not be heard,

Dissolve gracefully, my friend,

Good-bye to you.

Copyright © 2012 by

Atirah Jewel


4 comments on “Good-bye to You

  • *wipes tear*
    The future may look gloomy but i feel with people who, well, feel strong about it. Like you, me. Theres a lot organizations trying to make it look nicer. I feel with this new energy, we’re gonna be amazing with it full-charged. There’s a cleaner, better path we can take. You agree?

    • I do agree, but this poem was more about losing someone important to me. I thought I made that apparent, but I guess I should have made it more so. I’m sorry to have made you cry. ;P

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