This Silly Heart of Mine

Published February 13, 2012 by atirahjewel

Oh this silly heart of mine,

Just wanders from place to place,

From here to there and back again,

I don’t think it has ever really found a place to settle,

All of my lovers have had many flaws,

I love him but he’s too clingy,

I can’t be in love with living velcro so he is now gone,

I love him too but he is a statue,

Never showing any emotion,

Never giving me affection,

Surely I cannot love a statue,

So now I leave him alone too,

I have fallen in love many times,

But my heart has not been broken,

Not once,

Because I was very careful,

I gave none of my men,

Not my velcro not my statue,

Not my ocean nor my pig,

I have given none my heart,

It has remained mine,


I gave them my love,

But I kept my key,

But for the first time I shall give my heart away,

I will give it to you,

Be careful with it,

Because although it has never been broken,

I imagine it still might be fragile,

So I’ll give it to you,

Only if you take care of it,

What if you drop it,

Do you think it will break?

If I give you my silly heart,

Hold it tightly so it won’t try to run away,

I’ll keep the key though,

And if you give me your heart,

You keep the key,

Don’t scare my heart either,

Because it would probably recoil from your grasp,

I never gave my heart to Velcro or Statue,

To Ocean or Pig,

But to you,

To my Man,

I will give my most cherished possession,

I will give you this silly heart of mine.

Copyright © 2012 by

Atirah Jewel

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