I Look up to the Sky

Published November 10, 2011 by atirahjewel

I look up to the sky,

And I see such great light,

Her pregnant belly,

Lets its radiance shine down,

Its immense beauty makes a teardrop form on her cheek,

I watch as it forms the first star,

I watch as this woman then sobs,

And her gentle tears sparkle down,

And covers the indigo satin hovering over the world with diamonds,

Beautiful diamonds that seem to glisten and dance,

Like a child playing in the sun,

As the truck of ice cream rolls down the way,

With its variety of flavors,

Some bland some unique,

The excited child stands in the shadows,

For she has no money to give,

For that moment,

That child does not exist,

I look up to the sky,

Like child, it fills me with sorrow,

For I can see the future in the full moon,

As I gaze,

The moon seems to smile at me,

As I am its daughter,

That it still carries in its pregnant belly.

Copyright © 2011 by

Atirah Jewel


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