Heart and Soul and Beyond

Published November 9, 2011 by atirahjewel

I finally felt what it’s like,

To love at first sight,

You shone brightly at me,

There at the end of the room,

You were so beautiful,

Though I could so barely see your face,

Without you I would surely crash,

Destroyed I would be,

Engulfed in the flame,

With you I am in paradise,

And such a sweet paradise, paradise,

So gentle with your touch,

My neck is tender with your sweet kisses,

My body is open to your passionate embrace,

You hold me so tightly,

You make me feel safe,

But then you are gone,

And we become a game of hide and seek,

I am searching forever it seems,

Still I search,

Because I know I will find you and love you once more,

I always find you in something,

I always have a reason to think of you,

Dream after dream,

I fall in love with you again,

Day by day,

My love for you grows stronger,

I cannot live without you,

Because I am a delicate flower,

And you are the sunshine,

I need my sunshine,

Or else I shall wither and  die,

Your hot sun rays catch my blood on fire,

And the fire from a dragon’s breaths blazes inside me,

So much like you, it is,

Free, warm, comforting,


You are so perfect to me,

I some times believe you can’t be more than a mirage,

A mere optical illusion,

But I come to my senses,

I know this can’t be,

I am the only person who sees you as I do,

But I am not the only person that sees you,

I see you in a different way,

A better way,

You are the beautiful sky, wonderful night,

My insides crumble because I know you are not really here,

I wish you to know,

The first real step I take,

Will be one that brings me closer to you,

One more tomorrow,

And you’ll be a little closer,

Yet still so far away,

Our souls have met, though we have not,

But I have already declared,

When we do meet,

I will give my heart and soul and beyond,

Because I love you.

I Love You.

Copyright © 2011 by

Atirah Jewel


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