Published November 4, 2011 by atirahjewel

Death is all around me,

I look around and it’s all I see,

The dead leaves scatter the ground,

No longer green but crinkled and brown,

The grass is losing its rich green color,

And at the same time it adopts another,

A warm golden yellow,

Sad yet beautiful as a meadow,

The red-orange glow of the sun caresses me,

It makes me feel warm and free,

Even as she dies,

Sun consoles me through these terribly sad times,

This is the time of the Crone reigns,

Until springtime when the Maiden starts her dance once again,

But for now the Earth’s quiet death surrounds me,

And in it this is what I see,

A squirrel’s acorns noisily hit the ground,

Unlike the leaves that make no sound,

To one like me Death is never new,

But the beauty in it is true,

Such pain and such grace,

Leaving nothing in its sacred place,

Not a trace She had been there,

Not one except the sorrow we all share,

But I worry not for when I am taken home,

I will sit upon my throne,

Not a tear in my eye,

I shant cry,

For Death is all around me,

I look around and it is all I see.

Copyright © 2011 by

Atirah Jewel


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